Reduce Business Stress – use an accountant!

Reduce Business Stress

Reduce Business StressReduce Business Stress – We’re all after less stress aren’t we? Sure a bit of pressure can stop you drifting aimlessly and add some purpose to your life – but purpose isn’t the same as stress, is it.

If you run your own business the stress in many ways is greater – life, money, work, even family is all tied up in the same bundle. There are lots of tips on reducing stress and managing your life better but that’s not what I want to get into here.

I’m talking about deadlines.

There’s nothing like an imposing and impending deadline to add stress to your life. So what can you do about deadlines, they don’t just disappear do they? Well one of the easiest ways of dealing with a deadline is to make it someone else’s problem. Simple, you no longer have to worry about it because they do!

As an accountant, this is something I automatically expect to do for my clients – take the weight off their shoulders by taking it onto mine, thus I Reduce Business Stress. In accountancy and tax there are lots of deadlines – accounts filing, tax return submission, tax payment dates, paye payment dates, vat returns, etc. I’m used to these deadlines, I know when they are without thinking about it, and what’s more I take the weight off my own shoulders by having comprehensive software that flags impending deadlines for me.

Just remember one of the extra benefits of using an accountant – we don’t just prepare the accounts and work out the tax for you – we make sure you don’t have to worry about a number of deadlines. So reduce your stress – pass it onto someone else to do.

And you do know that by someone, I mean me, ok?


By Tracey Kelk

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