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It's a long, long road

It’s a long, long road, with many a winding turn…

When was the last time you looked at your business plan? Have you EVER looked at your business plan, after you asked about finance at the bank? WHAT??? You’ve never DONE a business plan?

Well, the later is probably the reality for a large number of small to medium sized businesses, especially if they didn’t need to raise capital to start up.

Not having a business plan is a bit like going for a drive, knowing where you’re supposed to be ending up, but not knowing which roads you’re going to take to get there.

By the end of writing your business plan you will have a greater understanding of your company, you will have a VERY clear idea of where you want to be in xxx years / months time, and most importantly you will have outlined a realistic way of getting there.

Perhaps, more importantly, it will give everyone who works for you a greater understanding of the busiess and how you want them to help you get there.

So, what are the main points you should be covering? Well, apart from the end gola it helps to look at the people you employ, your business strategy and of course an in depth look at what you do.

If this is the first time you’ve written a business plan you may be looking at this thinking? Why??? Well, it’s something we do and continue to do regularly at Profit Guide.

It helps you to give a greater understanding of what you do, it can show you how things have evolved and changed in your business and clarifies how you want it to change as well.

If you’ve never written a business plan before you can find hundreds of downloadable templates online, which make the process very easy.

We strongly recommend that you do one TODAY we guarantee* you’ll find it a postive exercise!

If you’ve had positive results or have any ideas on business plans, please leave a comment below.

Tracey Kelk



*Not really



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