Why I started my own business (and great reasons why you should too)

tracey_kelk_accountantThis post is inspired by a post on The Enterpreneur.com blog. You can read that here: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/234916

After reading the article above, I thought it might be fun to tell my story of why I’m in business for myself. I’ve outlined a few of the points listed, and given you my take on them:

1. Spare time. The article above seems to indicate that at some point in time you’ll have MORE spare time! Well, I’ll be honest neither I, nor my husband have really found this. (He runs his own business too) In fact you’re more likely to spend more of your spare time on your business. However, it won’t bother you, because you’re doing it for yourself! Honestly, your business will become like an extra member of the family that needs nurturing and encouraging to grow.

What it does give for you, instantaneously though, is the ability to WORK WHEN YOU WANT TO! An hour to see the school play? No worries, make it up that evening. This was one of the main reasons I chose to start my own business FLEXIBILITY!

3. Tax benefits. This one is an undisputed fact. It is a huge benefit to work for yourself, especially if you’re working from home. We covered some of this in an earlier blog post: http://www.lucentumaccountants.co.uk/charging-your-own-company-rent-for-use-of-your-house/ If you’re just starting up or considering starting up, have a chat with an accountant (Like us!) To run through all the options for your new business.

4. Pride. Yes! Silly as it may sound, there’s nothing quite like saying “I run my own business” Truth be told, it’s nothing special, but it always sounds so good 🙂

7. Networking. Yes, this can be a fun aspect of any business. If you’re new to business, I thoroughly recommend you go to a few networking groups. Meet new people, create new contacts, drink tea and eat too many biscuits! One thing to be wary of, when starting networking, is the ‘professional networkers’ Those people who are more into the networking than making money! They treat networking as a social gathering. This is lovely to an extent, but I have only ever invested time and money in network groups where the majority of the people are there for making money!

19. Your brand. This is actually quite nice, but not necessarily a reason to start a business! It is quite rewarding when you start getting recognised as an established business, of which you are the helm!

So, of the many points raised, these are the ones that I personally agreed with… However,  They don’t really cover the true reasons behind why I’m in business for myself…

Part of the reason is covered above, but really the true reason is to BE HAPPY NOW. We all have this idea that we’re going to work like idiots for our good years, then when we get to 65, finally can sit back and enjoy our lives!

I wanted to be able to work, have a rewarding career, build a business AND enjoy my life with my children and husband while I’m young enough.

Quite simply starting my own business has given me the opportunity to really enjoy all aspects of my life. I love the business I’m creating, it gives you a sense of satisfaction that working for somebody else never will. I get to see my children off to school, I see them when they come home and I can still put the youngest to bed.

I made my own business for many, many reasons, but ultimately I’ve created happiness 🙂

You can too.

If you’re seriously considering making the leap, feel free to get in touch, simply visit our contact page, email us, or call on 01787 237 086

Buy us a coffee and a piece of cake, and we’d be happy to run through your ideas, and potentially help avoid some of the pitfalls!
+ Tracey Kelk

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