Using Professional Photographic Images to make a Powerful Business Impact

Jayne Lloyd

As a professional photographer I am often asked why there is a need for professionals when almost everyone has access to cameras capable of high quality images these days. To a certain extent I can understand this – in-house photography can add an interesting dimension to marketing strategy – but I believe professional photographs are vital to ensure your business image makes the strongest impact. If everyone is using ‘good’ images you need to ensure yours are excellent.

The first step for many clients before investing in a product or service is to carry out on-line research. Having a strong visual identity is a powerful tool in making a great and lasting first impression, and we all know that using images in your social networking increases engagement (photo posts get 39% more interaction, according to Statistics quoted by Buffer). Using professional images of your business, products and personnel can help create a strong company brand that marks you out from your competitors.

Geffrye AlmshouseYour business, its products and services deserve to be portrayed at their best to reflect the hard work that you and your team invest in producing them. A professional photographer has experience in many different lighting situations. They know how to consistently get the best from them, and how to do this quickly. They know how to control that light to give the correct sense of mood, or even just to give a true representation of that scene. How many times have you noticed that the colour of a product in a photograph is very different to to the colour of the product itself? A professional photographer knows how to stop that from happening.
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I recently photographed a range of products for a client where every item needed the light modelling in a completely different way and each object brought its own challenges. There were transparent pieces, high-gloss pieces and some that were all one colour with texture needing to be emphasised. I used my professional training, years of experience studying light, and essentially, high-spec appropriate equipment to ensure that each piece was photographed to capture its quality and uniqueness.
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Image quality is also a significant factor, and a photograph taken using professional equipment is far more versatile. A cameraphone image might make a great online profile picture, but if you decide you then want to use that image on a poster or a banner you are likely to have problems. A professional camera will produce images that look equally good online as on a billboard, and a professional photographer will help you to ensure that those images stay sharp and accurate in whichever format you choose to display them.

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Investing in professional photography could provide you with a strong collection of images that will serve you well across all avenues of your marketing.
If you are considering working with a photographer, here are a few things you may want to bear in mind:
Experience and style – take a good look through their portfolio, both online and in person. Be sure that you like their style, and are confident in their experience.
Personality – particularly if you are going to be working together on a project. Take time to meet and talk through the project, to be sure that you will work well together and have a similar vision for the finished result.
Insurance – check that they have all the necessary insurance for the job, including public liability.Equipment – be confident that they have the correct equipment required to complete the job to a high standard.

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Jayne is a freelance photographer and digital imaging specialist based in Chelmsford, working with businesses and organisations to create images that truly communicate their brand. To see more of her work please visit get in touch by email at or phone on 07751233292


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