Save the environment, save money, feel great – Green tax benefits

Save the environment, save money, feel great - Green tax benefits

Save the environment, save money, feel great – Green tax benefits

Here at Lucentum, we’re pretty passionate about the environment and try to do our best to help save the environment without altering our work life too much… The great thing is, it can help save your business money too!

1.) Buy a Bike for your business!

There are loads of benefits from riding a bike for your business. It de-stresses, helps you get fit and of course, doesn’t put any emissions into the atmosphere.

There are some great schemes available at the moment for purchasing a push bike, both for employees and for business owners.

You can see our full article here.

2.) Buy a low emission car!

Seriously, this can be a real money saver, depending on the type of business you are running. Don’t think that because these cars are low emissions, it means they’re not comfortable, or drive like Citroen 2CVs! There are some wonderful cars on the market, that drive, accelerate and are as comfortable as their gas guzzling cousins, but you’ll get great tax savings, and your reduced emissions will be helping to save the earth!

3.) Invest in Solar Power

This is really for those who own their own premises. Unfortunately, there aren’t any real tax benefits for solar power at the moment, but there are some great grants that you can utilise through the government. One of the best things about solar power, is that you can sell excess generated power back to the national grid!

4.) Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance

If you are a landlord owning a residential property, you can claim up to £1500 of expenditure per year on energy-saving improvements for your let property. These include cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, draught proofing, hot water system insulation and floor insulation. Normally this type of expenditure wouldn’t qualify as an expense or for Capital Allowances. So being green, can bring some benefits! Note you can’t use the allowance if you use rent-a-room relief for the house or if it is furnished holiday accommodation.

Whether you’re environmentally passionate, or whether you just want to save some cash, investing in green technology can be a really sound investment.

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